Chemical Pumps
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Series C Plus

Reliable metering performance - The
guided check valves, with their state-of-
the-art seat and ball designs, provide
precise seating, and excellent priming
and suction lift characteristics. The
timing circuit is highly reliable and, by
design, virtually unaffected by
temperature, EMI and other electrical

Rated "hot" for continuous duty -
Series C pumps continue to meet their
specifications for pressure and capacity
even during extended use. That's
because of the high quality solenoid and
special enclosure that effectively
dissipates heat.

High viscosity capability - A straight
flow path and ample clearance between
the diaphragm and head enable standard
PULSAtron pumps to handle viscous
chemicals up to a viscosity of 1000 CPS.

Leak-free, sealless, liquid end - The
diaphragms are of superior construction
- Teflon-faced, bonded to a composite
of Hypalon and fabric layers, and
reinforced with a metal insert for
optimum flexibility and durability.
Series C Plus


         • Manual Control by on-line
          adjustable stroke length
          (fixed stroke rate)
         • Agency approved for
          demanding OUTDOOR and
          indoor applications
         • Highly Reliable timing circuit
         • Water Resistant excellent
          for OUTDOOR and indoor
         • Internally Dampened to
          Reduce Noise, very
          acceptable for household
         • Guided Ball Check Valve
          Systems, to reduce back
          flow and enhance
          outstanding priming
         • Premium Standard Wetted
          Component Materials
         • Few Moving Parts and Wall
         • Safe & Easy Priming with
          durable leak-free bleed
          valve assembly (standard)
         • Optional Control: External
          pace with auto/manual
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